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Fayetteville, NY

Fayetteville is a village in Onondaga County, New York just a few minutes east of Syracuse. The town only has a population of 4,095, giving residents a sparse suburban feel through its peaceful streets. Students here belong to the Fayetteville-Manlius Central School district where some of the best schools in the Syracuse area can be found. Many choose to retire in Fayetteville and according to, most residents own their home. If you’d like to be one of them, contact a real estate team in Fayetteville, New York today and start discovering your future home.

Buying real estate in Fayetteville a good investment as one of the best places to live in the state of New York. Trust a big move like that with a real estate team familiar with Fayetteville and the Syracuse area like Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate. Let us guide you through how to buy a house in Fayetteville.

The median home value in Fayetteville is about $275,000 according to Zillow and with hundreds of active listings finding the best deal for you may be a challenge. We won’t hide the fact that the process of buying a house is complex and stressful, especially for a first time home-buyer. That’s why it’s best to have a pro beside you and hire the help of a real estate team in Fayetteville. More specifically, you want to get yourself a good buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent will represent you in all aspects of the buying process, keeping your best interest to heart.

At Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate, you can enlist the help of on of our experienced buyer’s agents to help you find the perfect house for sale in Fayetteville, NY. With our skilled agents, you can expect them to assist you in the following key areas of the buying process.

Finding the perfect property

Working with a buyer’s agent starts with a consultation so they can get to know your preferences and priorities. Factoring in your finances, our team’s agents use their knowledge and familiarity of the local market to get you the best options that will suit your taste and budget. They can schedule appointments for you to tour homes and they’ll be able to explain to you the pros and cons of different neighborhoods and properties.

Negotiating the offer

The buyer’s agent will advise the buyer on an appropriate price to offer for a property and will also negotiate the offer on your behalf. This is where our team’s skill and experience really come into play to help save you money and avoid pitfalls like fixer-uppers that are more trouble than they’re worth. When an offer is accepted, the team will also write up contracts for you.

Help overcome challenges

When something suddenly happens and you hit a bump on the road, it can be quite jarring for first-time homebuyers or those who are not too experienced. Our buyer’s agents are available to help you in these tough moments and can answer all your questions on how to buy a house in Fayetteville, including any rules or regulations that have to be followed.

Refer you to other professionals

As we mentioned earlier, the buying process gets complex and always requires other professionals to get the deal done including real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors, and movers. Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate can provide you with quality referrals to these professionals for quicker and easier transactions.

As a buyer, your finances will be under a heavy eye and getting approved for a loan for the home you want to buy can be tricky. A real estate team like ours will be able to help you with this by putting you in touch with our affiliated loan professionals who can help you get preapproved on your loan application.

Equally as important as a buyer’s agent is a seller’s agent. Just like how a buyer’s agent represents the buyer, a seller’s agent will represent a seller and recommend actions in their best interest to find the best deals in the best time.

Just like the procedure for buying a house, selling a home gets just as complex. If you thought to yourself “I can sell my house in Fayetteville on my own” then you better prepare yourself for a flurry of paperwork, a barrage of calls and inquiries about your house, and other challenges. So best to contact a Fayetteville real estate team and hire a seller’s agent to assist and guide you through the selling process.

Unlike the buying process, selling a home starts with paperwork and preparations to get your house listed. To make sure you get top dollar for your house, you’ll need to clean the interior and exterior and maybe even discuss with our team any touch-ups that may need to be done or improvements that can add value to the home. One you’ve done that and discussed marketing and pricing strategies, a seller’s agent will put your house on the market and activate it on a Multiple Listing Service and a vast network of marketing platforms to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

While looking for potential buyers, us in Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate will take care of the day-to-day tasks so you can keep going about your normal day. Some of the tasks our team undertake are:

      • Attending to inquiries and questions about the property
      • Scheduling property tours, open houses, and broker’s open
      • Update the seller regularly with feedback from prospective buyers and agents
      • Prequalify prospective buyers to minimize wasting the seller’s time with “shoppers”
      • Follow up on buyer leads
      • Make our entire team available 7 days a week to make sure any concerns about the property or possible offers are attended to in the timeliest manner
      • Presents any offers to the seller and assists with negotiations

When you accept an offer, the real estate team then coordinates this accepted offer to attorneys and lenders to initiate the closing of the deal. While this happens, our team will help facilitate inspections performed by the buyer. If there any concerns are found during inspection, we’ll also be able to help with negotiating these and any contingencies. If there’s some work that needs to be done, your team can refer other professionals to satisfy these contingencies and assist you until all of these are satisfied and the buyer signs off. The buyer will then submit paperwork to the lender and the mortgage commitment is issued, the seller’s agent will activate the seller’s attorney to conduct the title work process and work closely with them until the deal is fully closed. We can even help you find other real estate in Fayetteville if you plan on staying in the area.

Throughout the whole process, you can count on constant communication by our team. This is the backbone of Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate and we’ll make sure to keep in touch with the seller, buyer, and all involved parties to sell your home within 43 days.

First-time homebuyers, real estate investors, and Fayetteville residents looking to sell their house can all expect quality assistance and service from Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate, an established real estate team in the Syracuse area. Get in touch with us today to jumpstart the purchase or sale of your Fayetteville real estate.