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Camillus, NY

The Central New York region is a choice place to live, with a great balance of big city buzz and suburban tranquility. If you’re looking at the different towns and suburbs surrounding the city, then get in touch with a real estate team in Camillus, New York and make the first step to living in this quaint Central New York township.

Camillus is a one-of-its-kind town, being the only town in America to bear that name. This historic town sits to the west of Syracuse and is in close proximity of the crossroads of upstate New York, giving easy access to all Central New York locations as well as the Thousand Islands, the Adirondacks, and Finger Lakes regions. Camillus offers a plethora of recreational activities and venues including many parks and museums that showcase the town’s beautiful scenery and rich history. For help on how to buy a house in Camillus, get in touch with Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate, a trusted real estate team in the CNY region. gives Camillus an overall grade of A-, which explains the hundreds of listings you can find in Camillus. But with all these choices, can a first-time homebuyer really choose the best deal while also handling the entire buying process? For these reasons, most people looking to live in the area hire a real estate team in Camillus. When you learn what it really means to buy a Camillus house and the work & service that real estate team provide, it becomes obvious why you’d want to call one as soon as possible.

The buying process

Buying a home can be a daunting task, especially for those who’ve never experienced it before. Browsing for listings and looking at options is just the first step in this long process. Looking at houses for sale in Camillus and touring them is just the start of a long journey.

When you decide on a house you like, you’ll then need to submit an offer, which contains several documents. Getting a loan approved is another huge hurdle for many buyers, but our Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate can work with you on these and even refer you to affiliated loan specialists.

When your offer is accepted, closing the deal is another flurry of paperwork that you’ll have to prepare for. Our skilled and experienced team will know exactly what to do and who to coordinate with when closing the deal. From facilitating inspections, negotiating any contingencies, and working with a lawyer for the deed processing, a buyer’s agent will know all of the ins-and-outs to ensure things are handled quickly and smoothly.

What you can expect from a real estate team

The skills and experience that our team offer are only the tip of the iceberg. You should have high expectations for your buyer’s agent and the Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate will not disappoint. Here are just some of what you can expect from our team:

Disclosure and honesty

You want a team who believes in full disclosure and keeps your best interest in mind. You can count our team to help spot red flags or potential flaws and disadvantages, rather than just pushing the deal along and trying to close a deal.

Frequent Communication

Communication is one of the main values of Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate. We make sure our team keep in constant communication with a buyer to keep you updated on all developments. We also make sure to keep in touch with all the agents and sellers of the houses you’re interested in to guarantee you get the property you want.

Quality Referrals

Buying a home involves many other professionals to close a deal. We can link you to the right people to help you in any aspect of buying real estate in Camillus.

It’s easy to see how a real estate team can take a huge load off the buyer, but our team can also help those wanting to put their house for sale in Camillus.

You might also be one of the many people who decide “I want to sell my house in Camillus” and are looking on how to start. The whole selling process is just as tedious as it is to buy a house in Camillus. There’s a bunch of regulations and requirements that you’ll have to familiarize yourself with to successfully sell your home. Thankfully, all of that becomes remarkably easier and quicker when you hire a real estate team in Camillus, NY to help sell your home.

Pre-Selling Phase

Before putting your house for sale on the market, your house needs to be prepared before you can start listing it. You’ll need to clean the interior and exterior and assess whether any touch-ups or repairs need to be done. A seller’s agent can help with these and will have valuable insight on what repairs can bring additional value to the home. Our real estate team will also provide you with a Listing Agreement and ask you general questions about the home that will be pertinent to the sale. If any legal disclosures need to be executed, a seller’s agent can help with that too.

Selling Your House

After satisfying all the requirements, your house can now be listed in a Multiple Listing Service, a major benefit of getting a real estate team in Camillus. This puts your property in front a larger audience of real estate team and potential buyers that allows you to get results fast. Alongside this, our team will take charge of entertaining inquiries from buyers, touring them around you home, and organizing open houses and broker’s open.

As your house is marketed and you receive offers from potential buyers, an indispensable service our team provide is prequalifying these offers and verifying them. We help save sellers time by filtering out undesirable offers or buyers who aren’t very serious about your property. Offers that pass all the requirements of the seller are presented for the seller to choose.

Closing the Deal

When you accept the offer, the real estate team relays this to attorneys of both parties and lenders of the buyer when appliable. If your contract has any contingencies, you’ll have to satisfy these and inspections may be conducted by the buyer. Your team will aide you in this process and once inspections are complete, they will also help you negotiate any concerns.

When all the contingencies have been satisfied and signed off on, there’s a bunch of paperwork that has to be done including Title Work Process by attorneys and possibly bank appraisals. A seller’s agent will help coordinate all of this and keep the seller updated. Throughout the entire process, you can trust on constant communication, a core value of Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate. We guarantee communication with you on everything about the sale of your Camillus real estate. Expect a call from our team every week or you can discontinue our service.

Being part of the history of Camillus is easier than ever with Procopio Team at Hunt Real Estate. Enjoy the benefits of years of experience and familiarity with the Central New York region. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, don’t hesitate and contact us to jump start your purchase or sale of real estate in Camillus, New York.